GPT from Scratch with MLX

GPT from Scratch with MLX


Day 0 - Setup: GPT from Scratch with MLX
Day 2 - Creating training and validation datasets: GPT from Scratch with MLX
Building GPT-2 from Scratch: Day 3 - Demystifying Embeddings & Self-Attention (MLX Series)


Visual Explanations of ML -
Medium Post:


My Birthday wish has arrived! Learn GPT from scratch has fallen in my lap via @ronaldmannak.
I'll be doing it following this guide.
  • Work on this daily
  • Livestream as much as possible
  • Post updates on my blog (
I've been deeply inspired by colleagues who are pioneering AI with Swift and MLX. @vatsal_manot @Prince_Canuma @wvabrinskas
NGL...I feel very behind on this and this cracked team of folks can point me in directions to learn as I get lost.
Feel free to follow along as I post updates.
On my livestreams I'll be using this as an opportunity to talk out loud and breakdown and research many things I don't know.
The blog will be a way for me to capture what I've learned.