Day 0 - Setup: GPT from Scratch with MLX

Day 0 - Setup: GPT from Scratch with MLX

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Day 0: Getting Python environment setup and going over some basics to prepare for Day 1.
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Setup Python Environments with MLX

  1. Install Conda -
  1. Choose your IDE - after going through this stream I want to use PyCharm from Jetbrains unless I can figure out how to configure this with
  1. Make a project in your ~/workspace/GPTfromScratch
  1. From the terminal window in the IDE run conda create -n GPTfromScratch python=3.10
  1. conda activate GPTfromScratch
  1. Install MLX conda install -c conda-forge mlx

Preparing Data - LLM Tokenization Explained

Breaking down the following statement to a 5th grader.
The first step to training an LLM is collecting a large corpus of text data and then tokenizing it. Tokenization is the process of mapping text to integers, which can be fed into the LLM.
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To Do

Figure out environments using

Next up: Tackling data setup in depth

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