You Need to Learn AI

You Need to Learn AI

Why start now?

  • No Downside, Only Upside: Embrace AI – it's not just a trend, it's the future.
  • Evolving Tech: AI is continually improving, solving real-world problems – it's here to stay.
  • Lifetime Skill: AI expertise lasts a lifetime and builds upon your existing knowledge.
  • Unseen Impact: Discover thousands of AI applications making waves beyond the mainstream.
  • Endless Need: The demand for AI is ongoing, ensuring its relevance and your employability.

Getting Started

  • Learn Python: The cornerstone language for AI – start here.
  • Dive into PyTorch: Your gateway to practical AI development.
  • Build a Supervised Model: Begin with something intuitive.
    • Any Dataset Works: Whether it's public or personal, what matters is solving a problem.
    • Real Problem Solving: Create a model that makes a difference.
    • Foundation for the Future: Lay the groundwork for tackling complex AI projects.

Moving Beyond

  • Try going form a classification problem to a segmentation problem




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