OpenAI GPTs Review Livestream

OpenAI GPTs Review Livestream

January 13, 2024


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    1. This is my favorite!!
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"Emotion": ["Curiosity"] * 3 + ["Urgency"] * 3 + ["Excitement"] * 3 + ["FOMO"] * 3 + ["Surprise"] * 3 + ["Happiness"] * 3 + ["Instant Gratification"] * 3,
"What if I told you that you've been using social media all wrong? Here's the inside scoop!", "Ever wondered what makes certain posts go viral? We've cracked the code!", "The secret behind trending hashtags? It's not what you think – get ready to be amazed!",
Urgency "This marketing trick is about to expire – seize it before it's too late!", "Hurry! Your competitors are watching this right now – don't get left behind!", "Last chance to master the art of viral content – time is ticking!",
Excitement "Unveiling the latest trend in digital marketing – be the first to know and use it!", "Get ready for a game-changer in social media strategy – it's exciting and effective!", "This new tool is revolutionizing content creation – and you won't want to miss out!",
FOMO "Feel like you're missing out on top marketing secrets? Not anymore – here's the reveal!", "Don't be the last to adopt this groundbreaking strategy – everyone's talking about it!", "Join the exclusive club of viral content creators – here's your invitation!",
Surprise "Surprise! We found a way to double your engagement overnight – find out how!", "Think you know social media? This fact will shock you!", "Breaking the norms: This unconventional method is turning heads!",
Happiness "Discover the joy of effortless viral content – it's easier than you think!", "Creating viral content can make you this happy – learn the secret!", "The happiness hack for digital marketers – it's simple and effective!",
Instant Gratification "Instant success in content creation? Yes, it's possible – here's the quick trick!", "Viral content at the speed of light – discover the fastest way to trend!", "Skip the grind – here's how to go viral instantly!"

2nd Prompt for

"Emotion": ["Curiosity"] * 3 + ["Urgency"] * 3 + ["Excitement"] * 3 + ["FOMO"] * 3 + ["Surprise"] * 3 + ["Happiness"] * 3 + ["Instant Gratification"] * 3, "Hook": [ # Curiosity "What if AI could transform your daily life? Discover the unexpected ways AI Pin and Rabbit can assist you!", "Curious about life beyond smartphones? AI hardware is the key to a new world of possibilities!", "Ever wondered how AI can simplify your day? Dive into the world of AI Pin and see the magic!",
# Urgency "Hurry! The future of AI hardware is here – don't miss your chance to be part of the revolution!", "Act now or regret later! AI Rabbit is changing the game and you don't want to be left behind!", "This is your moment! AI tools like AI Pin are redefining life's experiences – grab them before it's too late!", # Excitement "Get excited! AI Rabbit isn't just a tool, it's your gateway to an exhilarating AI-driven lifestyle!", "Imagine a life where AI does the heavy lifting – AI Pin is making it happen and it's thrilling!", "Experience the buzz of AI hardware – transforming the mundane into something spectacular!", # FOMO "Don't be the last to experience the AI revolution – AI Pin and Rabbit are the talk of the town!", "Feeling out of the loop? AI hardware is the trend you can't afford to miss!", "Everyone's joining the AI movement – don't let FOMO get you, grab AI Rabbit and join in!", # Surprise "Surprised by AI? Wait till you see how AI Rabbit and AI Pin are revolutionizing daily tasks!", "AI hardware isn't just about tech – it's a surprising journey into efficiency and fun!", "Think you know AI? These new tools will surprise you with their simplicity and power!", # Happiness "Find joy in the little things with AI Pin – making everyday tasks delightful and easy!", "Happiness is an AI assistant that understands you – meet Rabbit, your cheerful AI buddy!", "Discover the happiness of hassle-free days thanks to the wonders of AI hardware!", # Instant Gratification "Want instant results? AI Rabbit delivers solutions at the speed of thought – it's gratifyingly fast!", "Craving quick fixes? AI Pin is the answer to instant AI-powered solutions for everyday challenges!", "Get instant gratification with AI hardware – making life's annoyances disappear in a flash!" ], "Tip": [ # Tips for Curiosity "Focus on revealing the surprising and less-known capabilities of AI Pin and Rabbit.", "Illustrate how AI hardware goes beyond traditional tech devices, opening new avenues for users.", "Present practical examples of how AI Pin simplifies everyday tasks in unexpected ways.", # Tips for Urgency "Emphasize the rapid advancement in AI technology and the need to stay updated.", "Highlight the transformative impact of AI Rabbit and the urgency to adopt it.", "Create a sense of immediacy and opportunity around adopting AI tools like AI Pin.", # Tips for Excitement "Showcase the exciting possibilities and lifestyle enhancements offered by AI Rabbit.", "Illustrate the thrill of having AI take over mundane tasks with AI Pin


We selected:
This marketing trick is about to expire – seize it before it's too late!
I like this urgent message so lets update it so that we can let the users know about this secret "Viral Intro Hooks" before others find out:
This marketing trick is about to expire – seize it before it's too late!
Generated this tweet to test this out:

Headline DALLE-3 Image Prompt Share

Inspired by @ai_for_success

Prompt 1

Generate an image of Ultra-detailed illustration of a AI Robot, ghostly and phantasmagorical, with a translucent appearance. Art by Mschiffer, featuring neon lights, light particles, in vibrant CMYK colors. The AI Robot is backlit, creating a strong contrast against the SF Golden Gate Bridge.
notion image

Prompt 2

Looks great! Now make it a 16:9 image.
notion image