Lost my job at Apple, Found My Purpose in AI

Lost my job at Apple, Found My Purpose in AI

January 8, 2024
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My story about losing my job at Apple with #longcovid and finding my way to AI.

How To Start A Career In AI: How To Build A Career

Wow. Imagine being at the forefront of Apple's tech revolution, where every day was an adventure in innovation. I loved it, but life had other plans. Everything turned upside down, not by choice, but by destiny. So here's my story, friends. It's about getting back up, chasing dreams, and diving headfirst into a fascinating world of AI. My journey kicked off at Apple's vibrant halls, and now I'm stepping into the thrilling, somewhat unknown territory of AI entrepreneurship.
I was part of Apple's family for over a decade, right at the heart of technology that connects with people. But in 2020, I hit a rough patch. Long COVID. It knocked me down with fatigue and brain fog. I found myself struggling to do the simplest things, let alone innovate. Fast forward to 2023. Apple, my home for 12 years, had to let me go. It was a real scare, filled with so much uncertainty.
I kept asking myself, can I ever make a comeback? Will I ever be at the top of my game again? Then guess what? I stumbled upon ChatGPT by OpenAI. It was more than just a tool. It reignited my passion for tech. It became my buddy in simplifying complex thoughts and helping me read, write, and so much more. ChatGPT turned into something special, a beacon of transformation.

TruthTorch: A YouTube Journey To Understanding Misinformation

It helped me see through the haze of long COVID and dyslexia, giving me a new goal and a fresh start. Inspired by this journey, I took a leap of faith. I started my own AI startup. I'm developing tools aiming to lift others up. Let me introduce to you TruthTorch. It's more than a recovery tool. It's our ally against misinformation. It delves into text, social media, and news, shining light on hidden truths.
It's about trust, commitment, and honest information. TruthTorch is like a compass in the confusing world of misinformation. It helps us separate fact from fiction, enabling informed decisions for a better society. I deeply care about truth, and so does TruthTorch. Now, my mission is to take you along this YouTube journey. It's not about sharing my story. It's about learning together. I admit there's a lot I don't know about AI, but that's the exciting part.
In each episode, we'll explore a new AI concept or challenge, and I'll be bringing in experts to break it down for us, making AI fun and approachable. We're going to tackle real-world issues using AI, showing its potential for our everyday lives. This channel is all about sharing our questions, our doubts, and learning together. I'm here to show my dumb side, to question, to learn openly, and so I invite you to join me on this journey.