Apple's AI Revolution: What Developers Need to Know

Apple's AI Revolution: What Developers Need to Know

Is Apple ready to transform the tech landscape with groundbreaking AI tools, or are they falling behind in the race for artificial intelligence supremacy?


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In today's rapidly evolving tech world, Apple stands at a crossroads. With WWDC on the horizon, developers and tech enthusiasts alike are buzzing with anticipation. What AI innovations will Apple unveil? Are their current tools up to the challenge of the AI revolution?
We sat down with industry expert Vatsal Manot to dissect the current state of Apple's developer ecosystem and peer into the future of AI integration. From the potential of an Xcode assistant to the whispers of CoreML 2.0, we're exploring what's missing and what's on the horizon.
But the big question remains: Can Apple's AI tools and frameworks truly meet the demands of modern app development? We'll dive into the challenges of building AI-powered apps, examine the current state of MLX, and discuss how Swift might evolve to embrace the AI future.
Stay tuned as we unpack these crucial topics and provide insights that could shape your development strategy in the coming years.

Special Guest: Vatsal Manot (Vat-zel Manot)

  • Founder at Preternatural AI
    • YC Winter 2024 Batch
    • (YC says the acceptance rate was less than 1%, which is even more exclusive than Harvard University's 4% and Stanford's 3.9%).