AI Mondays - Start Building AI Apps

AI Mondays - Start Building AI Apps

February 19, 2024

Who are we?

Ray intro worked at Apple for 12+ years and went from working at the Genius Bar to being in the studio with Jony Ives and being in the office with Tim Cook before presenting the Apple Watch.
Ronald Mannak

Trend for the week - More Agents Is All You Need

What if the solution to complex AI problems isn't more data or better algorithms, but more agents working together?
Incorporating unconventional approaches and the power of prompt engineering, we present a fresh perspective on agent-based AI frameworks.
Our analysis is grounded in practical applications, showcasing how startups and tech giants alike are experimenting with multi-agent systems.

Rapid Fire

Nvidia Chat with RTX
Andrej Karpathy has left OpenAI.
CLARA - Open Source model understanding speech nuances
AI SEO tools
Magic: non transformer coding model with many million token context window

Building AI Apps

  • Start with prompting GPT-4
  • Pick a problem you want to solve: a meal to eat, set
  • What if you don’t know about something, how to ask ChatGPT questions which create “latest space” and how to leverage that for your chats in the future
  • Saving your chats into Notion for later use
  • Asking OpenAI to take your conversation and make it into markdown instructions
  • Starting to build with GPTs for prototyping and sharing with friends